We’re a non-profit Italian association founded in 2004 by the writer Enrico Brizzi and we’re devoted to rambling, trekking and hiking.On the very first days, we were just a bunch of friends; now we’re about 100 men and women, 35-45 years old, from all over Italy.
We traveled across Italy, Europe and the Middle East along the main historical paths:

On the other hand we usually plan every month shorter and more adventurous excursions, discovering beautiful places. 
Our carnet de voyage ranges from the well-known Tour du Mont Blanc to the Hadrian’s Wall Path, and from the most scenic Alta Via trails in the Alps to the hidden corners of our beautiful Tuscany.

We strongly believe in an ecological lifestyle: a zero-impact tourism is the best way to achieve our goal.We volunteer to improve Italy’s outdoor consciousness.
We’re currently planning a nationwide crowdfunding campaign named Arianuova (“Fresh air”), in order to buy and plant a minimum of 500 young trees along the Via Francigena.
This environmental sustainability project aims at improving the quality of the air in a strongly polluted district near Milan.

We’re trying to develop a strongly committed community. That’s why we never wanted to transform our fellowship into a massive organization. We prefer to admit between us only a few new people every year, in order to preserve the spirit and the traditions which inspired the founders: friendship, of course, but also book reading and…Rock ‘n’ roll! On this site you’ll be able to find many pics of us on the road, but please trust us: we’re also very good at partying!
At the same time we’re trying to reach a larger public by different media: magazine reportages, travel books, radio broadcasting and documentary films.